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Important information about the online application and our allocation guidelines for dormitories of the Bauverein Katholische Studentenheime e.V.

...before you start your application, please read the following information first: bitte zuerst die folgenden Informationen durch:

Prices, rooms and photos

...of our individual student houses can be found on the homepage under the respective house.

Friedrich-Dessauer-Haus (FDH)

Friedrich-Wilhelm-von-Steuben-Straße 90
60488 Frankfurt am Main

Alfred-Delp-Haus (ADH)

Siolistraße 7
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Bernhard- und Ludwig-Becker-Haus (BBH)

Am Unterweg 14
60318 Frankfurt am Main

Dernbach-Haus (DBH)

Westendplatz 30
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Admission is independent of nationality and denomination according to social criteria, taking into account the study situation. 

Who can apply?

The prerequisite for applying to us is that you are not older than 30 years (except doctoral students who want to apply for the Dernbach-Haus) and will especially study or enroll at the following universities:


Frankfurt am Main


Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences


Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst

PTH St. Georgen

Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Sankt Georgen

How does the application process work?

We generally always accept applications.
However, the application deadline for the summer semester is January 15th and for the winter semester June 15th.
Our rental contract committee decides whether to accept all applications received by the deadline.

How to apply?

An application can only be submitted via the online application portal - provided the above criteria are met.

After registering in the online application portal, you will receive an email that you must confirm. Only then can you log in and create your application.

Answer the questions conscientiously, upload the required documents and send the application directly to us via the portal. You will then receive a confirmation of receipt from us by e-mail. 

For the online application, you must upload your curriculum vitae, photo and certificate of enrollment or admission. If you do not yet have a certificate of enrollment or admission, e.g. B. in the case of first-year students, this can also be submitted later by e-mail. 

No changes can be made once the application has been submitted. However, you can withdraw the application and resubmit it if necessary. 

The online application does not entitle you to a place in a room in one of our dorms.

You are responsible for the completeness and correctness of the information. We can remove incomplete or "dubious" applications from the application process. 

If we consider your application and can offer a room/apartment, we will contact you by email. 

Further questions? Simply contact us by email or phone: or +49 (0)69 7898829-0.

With your application you confirm that you have also read our "warning notice" .

warning notice

Please read this notice before submitting your application:

Living in a dorm requires the ability to compromise! Where several hundred people come together, many of whom live without parents for the first time and have to take care of their own household and at the same time there is one or the other language barrier, it is a special challenge for everyone to create a beautiful home together!

Attention: Our experience has shown that two groups of people will not feel comfortable in a dorm like ours: on the one hand, people who prefer to be alone and need absolute peace and who value clinically clean conditions. Community is very important to us and there will be things like celebratings in a shaerd flat once in a while, at the same time there is something like garbage service that everyone has to do equally.

On the other hand, it becomes problematic for people who think a dorm is a nightclub and prefer to live in chaos without rules. Basically, there is something like night silence and nobody can avoid the obligation to take out the rubbish of the roommates. The inhabitants are responsible for order and cleanliness in the kitchen and, in case of doubt, they must take care of this together.

Please take this seriously if you find yourself in one of the groups and look for alternatives on the Frankfurt housing market or in the surrounding area, even if the housing situation in Frankfurt is difficult! Moving within our dormitories is not possible and in case of doubt your academic performance and your psyche will suffer.