Welcome to our FAQ area. Here you will find relevant information and frequently asked questions about living in a dormitory and the application process.

We try as much as possible to record and answer all the questions that keep coming up. For this reason, our FAQ area is continually being expanded and developed.

If you still have any questions, or if you have further suggestions or requests, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

After registering in the online application portal, you will receive an email that you must confirm. Only then can you log in and create your application.

Answer the questions conscientiously, upload the required documents and send the application directly to us via the portal. You will then receive a confirmation of receipt from us by e-mail. 

You will not receive anything other than this confirmation of receipt at first.

If we consider your application and can offer a room/apartment, we will contact you by email. 

Please note that the committee for rental contracts meets about two weeks after the application deadline and then another two weeks pass before we can give you an answer via email. That means: After the deadline in January it will be around mid-February before you hear from us and after the deadline in June it will be around mid-July.

You don't need to write countless emails and ask umpteen times by phone! This does not change the status and the chances of getting a room. 

If you lose the key, you can first contact the secretariat. The office is usually staffed from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

After that and until 9 p.m. there is s so called caretaker emergency service. The number is noted both in the tenant folder and on the information boards in the building. As a note on this caretaker emergency service: if the caretaker has to come extra, 75 euros will be charged in the event of a key loss. And you have to identify yourself.

Attention: there is no 24 hour service. This is not feasible in terms of personnel or costs. If in doubt, you have to wait until the next morning.

In this case, please come to the secretariat. A new washing card can be issued here and, if necessary, lost money can be recharged. Also if a washing machine is defective and the amount was debited already, this can be replaced here

Either drop by the secretariat or write an email to the secretariat. The desired date will be checked and, if necessary, reserved for you. Then a usage contract is made and this contract is signed in the secretariat and the rent is also paid there.

Bar and party room cost 75,- rent. In addition, a deposit of 75 euros is due, which will be returned after the room has been returned properly. In the bar in the FDH and also in the party cellar in the ADH, you can usually celebrate carefree without disturbing others in the sense of disturbing the night silence or anything like that.

Renting the bar at FDH or party room at ADH is only possible for residents of our dorms.

Broken lightbulbs, a handle on the cupboard broke off, the faucet is dripping, a stovetop is not working and much more... No problem and no need to worry!

Please send an email to the secretariat with a description of the problem. This is then passed on directly to the caretaker, who then takes care of the repair or replacement. Damage happens again and again and after a certain consumption some things are also worn out. It costs nothing and is simply replaced. 


The only exception that causes costs for our residents is willful damage to property and gross negligence. For example, if you put a hot pan on a wooden table, you shouldn't be surprised if a burn occurs and the costs are then billed for it...

We are almost always occupied down to the last room! When rooms become free, rooms are always allocated via our waiting list. An application can be submitted online at any time.

Neither a personal audition nor countless emails can change anything about that and are therefore pointless. The housing situation in Frankfurt for students is dramatic and despite our understanding of personal urgencies and emergencies, we cannot offer more rooms than are available to us. Do not limit your search to our dormitory and please also consider the locations close to Frankfurt. There is usually nothing we can do in the short term!

Please contact the secretariat in good time! Such cases are noted and so far we have always been able to take this into account. You don't necessarily get the same room when you return, but at least one structurally identical room has so far been offered to everyone who has returned from a stay abroad and wanted to stay with us again.


Basically yes. All you have to do is inform us in good time before the subtenant moves in using the form provided for this purpose. As a rule, there is nothing to be said against subletting, provided the subtenant meets the requirements (enrolled, under 30 years old) and has not lived as a subtenant in one of our dormitories several times or has not attracted negative attention. The rent agreed with the subtenant must not exceed the actual rent. A maximum of up to 2 months can be sublet per semester.

Before you decide on a subtenant, you should know that you will remain our tenant for the time of subletting and that the rent will continue to be debited from your account. All contractual matters (sublease contract, deposit) possibly also handing over the keys, information to the roommates and instruction in the house rules are arranged by you with your subtenant. 

Violations of the regulations on subletting constitute grounds for termination.

You can get the form for subletting from the secretariat: anfrage@bauverein-frankfurt.de 

Grundsätzlich ist es unseren Bewohnerinnen und Bewohnern erlaubt Besuch zu empfangen. Wichtig ist, dass man für seinen Besuch mithaftet. Hausordnung und insbesondere Ruhezeiten sind auch einzuhalten, wenn man Besuch hat und auch der Besuch ist beispielsweise von der Nachtruhe nicht ausgenommen.

Visits with overnight stays are also unproblematic for a short time. However, coexistence in a shared flat requires that the other residents are informed and do not suddenly find themselves face to face with strangers in the kitchen. Short-term means a weekend or a few days.

Visits lasting months or weeks are not permitted! The illegal multiple occupancy of rooms leads to termination without notice in case of doubt. Furthermore, a students dorm is not the right place to accommodate parents, even for a short time. 

The first point of contact if, for example, there are conflicts in a flat is our Student‘s advisor. Every now and then it happens that roommates repeatedly do not stick to rules such as a night silence or agreements on garbage service, or that the shared kitchen is left in a mess. Via the students advisor, this is done in a trusting manner while maintaining anonymity, and the people concerned will be contacted. A simple reminder from an official source often helps, but sometimes a warning is required and, in very rare cases, termination.

Basically yes. There are very few exceptions and the vast majority of residents have to pay this contribution. The shared flats have to organize the payment themselves, as the fee is not included in the rent.  Our shared flats are structured in such a way that, according to a special regulation, only one person per flat has to pay the fee and the roommates can then split it up among themselves. Our Student‘s advisor is available to answer questions and provide support regarding the broadcasting fee.