Benefits und Specials im Friedrich-Dessauer-Haus

Our dorm not only offers you a comfortable place to live and a roof over your head, but also the feeling of a community. This requires not only commitment and diversity within the residents, but also spaces for events and opportunities, for example to meet each other and talk to each other and experience something together. You can find a few benefits and specials here, so you can get an idea of what's on offer in your dorm beyond just a room...

Bar and ballroom

The bar in the FDH is located in the basement of the main building and is available to residents for private celebrations.

Whether it's a birthday or an exam party - you can celebrate here. A counter with fridge and sink and matching bar stools in front of it are also included, as are two couches and small tables. A mirror wall, lighting system and sound system are also available. The rent and deposit each is 75 euros and our residents can book the bar through the secretariat.

The ballroom in the FDH offers space for 300 people.

The now legendary parties of the student representation take place here, but the dormitory assembly, which takes place once a semester, is also held here. The hall can also be used to broadcast football matches or the ESC. A stage, large screen, sound and lighting system are part of the equipment. The hall can be furnished with up to 125 seats for conferences, too.

Music rooms

There are three practice rooms for music in the FDH, all in the basement of the main building.

All are equipped with a piano, which is tuned once a year. There is also a mirror in each room. In one of the rooms there is also a drum kit and a band system with speakers, mixer, power amplifier and microphones. Residents who play music can have access to the music rooms programmed onto their key or chip in the secretariat.

When using the music rooms, please make sure that windows and doors are closed afterwards. A reservation is not possible.

Event kitchen

Shortly before the pandemic, the large communal kitchen was renovated and modernized so that we have a fantastic industrial design kitchen for cooking and baking events. 

It doesn't matter whether it's for international cooking evenings, baking cookies during the Christmas season or for the meetings of the student representatives: people simply like to get together in this kitchen. Two large ovens, sufficient hotplates, sink and a dishwasher belong to the kitchen as well as a large table with large benches and the corresponding equipment of plates, cutlery, pots and pans. The student representatives and the student’s advisor will be happy to help you plan your next kitchen event!

Study rooms

Everyone probably knows the situation, especially before and during the exam phases...

The libraries at the university are full to the last seat. There is an alternative in the FDH! In the so-called library in the foyer there is a study room with individual desks and internet access. Due to the location in the main building, it is very quiet here and in summer the temperatures are bearable. From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. you have the opportunity to study for the exams in peace and then you can go straight home. If too many use this room at once during the peak phase of the exams, then we can open another room with the so-called Club Room 2, so that everyone who is willing to learn can find a place in his or her dorm.

Coaching and pastoral care

The student’s advisor supports our residents in many questions about the dorm and studies. 

In addition to pastoral tasks and general life counseling, the offer also includes support in personal crises. There is help with CVs and applications (e.g. for internships and scholarships), but also exam coaching and conflict management if there is a dispute in a shared flat. The student’s advisor is also part of the team at the Catholic university community (KHG) and can put students in touch with social counseling there if there are financial difficulties.

Exam coaching accompanies and supports individual exam preparation, e.g. through:

  • increase in learning motivation,
  • design of a learning strategy,
  • development of sustainable self-confidence in the exam.


The goals and course of the coaching are clarified in a personal conversation. When it comes to applications and related CVs and letters of application, there is support in the design and formulation of the application documents. Depending on the occasion (internships, scholarships, jobs) and needs, the documents are optimized in terms of both appearance and content, and experience has shown that the chances of success are significantly increased.

Volleyball and outdoor gym

Community is very important to us and this is also reflected in the opportunities to do something sporty together.

The volleyball field is a popular meeting place for playing beach volleyball together or just hanging out. Different teams meet again and again and look forward to new players. A highlight of the year for the FDH is the volleyball tournament, which is organized by the student representatives.

With the redesign of the outdoor area in 2023, an outdoor gym was also built, where our residents can also do sports in this way. In the basement of the main building there is also a table tennis table and above this in the laundry center in house G there is also a foosball table where you can spend the time with a match during washing.

BBQ and garden

The outdoor area in the FDH also includes three permanently installed grills, which are available to our residents.

The grill grates and the required accessories can be borrowed free of charge and you can spend a barbecue evening together with your fellow residents.

Several raised beds on the site invite you to do urban gardening in the middle of Frankfurt and to grow a few flowers, herbs or tomatoes. We provide tools and work materials free of charge, water connections are available. Further information is available from the student’s advisor.

Laundry center

There are two fully equipped laundry centers in the FDH with washing machines and dryers, so that you can do your laundry directly in the dormitory.

In the washing center in house G, 16 machines and 8 dryers are available to our residents. To pass the time while doing the laundry, a table football table is ready and looking forward to the next match. In house E there is another laundry center with 4 washing machines and 3 additional dryers in the basement. When you move in you get a washing card, which you can load with money at a machine and then use in the washing centers. 

Bicycle parking spaces

Under houses A and B in the FDH there is a lockable bicycle cage with a sufficient number of bicycle parking spaces.

Our residents have access to this parking space via a chip, so that bicycles can be parked safely and dry and you can easily do many daily trips by bike. In front of houses C, D, F and H there are further parking spaces for bicycles, so that every bicycle has a place with the possibility to lock it.


The secretariat of Bauverein is the focal point for all matters relating to rental agreements. 

When moving in, our residents receive the room key and the so-called tenant folder with all the information about the dorm from the secretariat. A signature is required in the secretariat twice a semester, once to apply for an extension of the period of residence and a second time to sign a new contract. Also if something breaks, the secretariat takes care of these things. Communication can take place in both German and English.