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Bauverein Katholische Studentenheime e.V. is the hostel provider of the Catholic student halls in Frankfurt am Main and maintains 4 dormitories with a total of 872 rooms.

That's what awaits you with us

Under the motto "Study - Reside - Live", Bauverein wants to offer more than just a roof over your head. With a combination of modern rooms at socially acceptable prices, the diverse commitment of our residents and a good and benevolent cooperation between students, administration, management and members of Bauverein, we are trying to be the "place to be" for student housing in Frankfurt in the 2020s years to be. In this respect, more than just a roof over your head awaits you in your new home in the dormitory with a community life characterized by diversity, internationality, commitment and co-determination.

Affordable living in a modern room

In accordance with our mandate, we offer our rooms for students at socially acceptable prices (you can find details in the individual houses in the object data) and at the same time a lot has been renovated and brought up to date in recent years. In the FDH, the refurbishment was completed in 2021, the DBH was completely renovated in 2022, the BBH only opened in 2019 and in the ADH the windows are being worked on and the kitchens are gradually being renewed here.

Community life

Community is very important to us. All flat shares have shared kitchens, which invite you to cook together as well as to linger and get to know each other. In addition, the student representation organizes various events from parties to sports, chess tournaments, cooking evenings and excursions, everything is included and there is something for everyone to do something together with others.

Commitment and participation

Commitment and co-determination, also on the part of the students, is of great importance to us and this is also reflected in the fact that representatives from the student representation participate on an equal footing in almost all committees. Once a semester, the so-called assembly of the dorm takes place, at which not only a student representatives are elected, but also a plenum is offered for the concerns of our residents.

Internationality and diversity

Our shared flats are inhabited equally by women and men and are international. Our residents come from over 80 countries and our dorms are correspondingly colorful and diverse. For inclusivity and convenience we have kept most information and events bilingual, because at FDH, the community is very important and everyone should be able to be a part of it.


Anyone who would like to live in one of our halls of residence must apply for a room and so the first step is to apply to us. For all applications and bookings please read through the information on the following pages and apply online. Before you apply to us, please read the information and instructions carefully.

Before applying, please fill out the application form carefully. The number of incoming applications far exceeds the number of open rooms and your chances are significantly reduced if your documents are incomplete, unclean or simply copied somewhere.

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  • October 7th: General meeting of Bauverein (only for members)
  • October 12th: Official reopening of the Dernbach House
  • October 22nd: 7 p.m. KHG semester opening with church service and subsequent meet & greet
  • October 26th: Company excursion – secretariat is closed
  • October 27th: from 9 p.m. in the ballroom - SV Halloween party in the FDH (ticket required!)